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Ancient Health Treatments That Are Still In Practice Today

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Medicine has been evolving over the years with new prescription drugs, new equipment, new technology and techniques to improve the overall health care of the patients. With the constant developments and changes in the medical industry, offering high quality images, and many innovative advancements, modern medicine doesn’t necessarily mean everything they use or practice is new to the medical world.

There are a few old methods of treatments that work perfectly fine just the way they are, and haven’t been upgraded since the time they were first introduced.


The Chinese found the Acupuncture form of treatment some 4000 years ago to restore the inner balance of the body by placing needles at intended pressure points. In modern times, this method of treatment is utilised for the purpose of relaxation or pain relief. It is also used as a form of anesthesia during surgical operations like in the procedure of open heart surgery. Acupuncture treatments has been found to lower blood pressure.

We’ve heard of hearing aids knee replacements, artificial limbs, dentures and artificial heart valves. There are many other forms of prosthetics. However, the oldest prosthetic was discovered on an ancient Egyptian female mummy. It’s a matter of fact, she had two prosthetic toes made of leather and wood. The mummy was not discovered until recently in the year of 2011. The Egyptian mummy is aged all the way to 2,700 years old. The researchers were awestruck of the brilliant idea that led them to test the prosthetics on people who required spare toes. In a turn of events, those ancient prosthetic toes do really worked and helped people walk again!

C-sections, popularly known as Cesarean sections have been known to be performed for over thousands of years, dating back to 320 B.C. Throughout history, there have been numerous references made to C-sections. It’s a common procedure in today’s world due to the high mortality rate it gains. A pregnant female who may die or is dead, should undergo a mandatory C-section to remove the fetus, according to an ancient Roman law. This technique underwent major developments to minimize bleeding, to which it became a popular procedure as it is today.

BloodlettingThis procedure commonly known as phlebotomy therapy, can typically be done with a syringe. Bloodletting is a technique used for hemochromatosis, a disease that allows excess iron to accumulate in the liver. It is also popularly known for treating a bone marrow disorder where a person produces too many blood cells. Bloodletting practice began more than 3000 years ago where at some point of time, the Greek, Roman, Arab, and Asian cultures have all practiced it. In the olden days, this therapy used to be extremely painful and unbearable. Cutting a vein near the elbow with a small blade was the most common form of this practice. But today, it is said to be much gentler than it used to be. Depending on the patient’s response to the therapy, this treatment can be offered every few days or less.

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