Teen Tantrums? Play the Teen Way to Overcome Them

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Teen Tantrums? Play the Teen Way to Overcome Them!

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Is your teenager addicted to mobile phones or always texting that you can’t get their attention?

Is your teenager a person who can’t stop watching their favourite TV series till all the seasons are completed?

Is your teenager a playstation addict, who incessantly keeps playing games throughout the day?

If your answer is yes to all these questions, and are unable to make your teen listen to you in your household, read on to find out how to control your teen’s tantrums.

Teenagers undergo rapid mood swings, and will rebel against parents in certain situations, leading to serious conflicts between both the teen and parents

You know that there have been days when you tell your teenager to put away their phone for a while and interact with the real world. You have seen your teen using their mobile in the middle of the night under their pillows or blankets and are concerned about their lack of sleep or eyesight issues. You may feel like spending some time with your teen and have a cozy evening with family after a tiring day. But, that doesn’t happen.

So What Did You Do?

Most parents snatch their phones away or shout at them for not obeying their words. The fight becomes brutal when your teen starts shouting back at you and fights like these, always ends up with a loud bang of their bedroom door. Does not seem like a good ending, does it?

Eventually, you start losing interest and begin fearing their tantrums and avoid their deeds. Teens these days, start dominating their parents and take charge while parents try to hide behind their child’s anger issues.

Teen Tantrums? Play the Teen Way to Overcome Them

Teen anger can be a frightening emotion, but it is not harmful. Its negative expressions can include physical and verbal violence. Most teens show anger due to some events happening in their lives and peer pressure.

Teenagers face a lot of emotional issues during this period of development. The relationship between teens and their parents becomes complex and challenging, as teens become more independent, which is the reason why parents find difficulties in raising up their teen.

What Should You Do?

Be a role model: Set a good example as parents and never do anything that you don’t want your child to do. Do not break your own rules set for your teen.

Talk: Always talk it out to your teen, choosing the right time according to their moods to explain to them the situation and what is expected of them.

Avoid Shouting: As a parent of a teen, it is important to have a calm composure always. Shouting doesn’t help you much in a complex situation.

Teen Tantrums? Play the Teen Way to Overcome Them

Listen: Listen to your child’s version and point of view and make them understand what is right and what is wrong.

Be open minded: Having a broad and open mind, helps your teen to rely their secrets with you, and helps bonding.

Draw a line: Your teen should understand that there is a border of limits and decorum to be followed in the household and that he/she is not in charge.

Through this article, Sambav shows the difference between what most parents do and what should be done, and makes it a point that being calm with your teen will do miracles in their behaviour, rather than shouting. Check out Sambav’s Health Wallet App for more interesting features!