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Food Choices To Maintain Good Health

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Working hard with a persistent rush, long hours, lack of time, immobility, continuous stress, random meal timings, fast food, sugar and caffeine overdose have manifested as hyperacidity, constipation, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. How do we keep good health is the primary question that we need to ask ourselves?

Tips to maintain a good health and fitness for your body

Here are a few healthy tips to maintain good health, follow them to feel the difference.

Bond With The Breakfast
A hearty breakfast of slow-burning starches that keep blood glucose steady to sustain the demands of brain and body, propels productivity with an additional bonus to remain thin. The deadly duo of unpolished grain with protein-packed choices like skimmed milk and eggs spur alertness as its amino acid tyrosine synthesizes the happy hormone dopamine, while vitamin B12 regulates energy.

Break For Lunch For Sure
Eating out makes you fat. Period! Research proves that if you cook more instead of eating out, you lose pounds for sure. Green leafy vegetables contribute iron and shield from fatigue. Opt for oily fish (containing omega 3) that benefits brain and immunity. Eating away from your work table with peers offers ‘mindful eating’ that helps to shrink expanding waistlines.

Snack Sensibly
Stash aside biscuits, chips, puffs and samosas. Opt for roasted chickpeas that yield potassium and magnesium, which improve nerve impulse transmission and relax the blood vessels. The low-fat curd is recommended instead of commercial fruit yogurt that has an additional sugar burden. Stock your office drawer with cashew nuts and Brazil nuts that are rich in stress-busting selenium, which is also a natural mood enhancer.

Guarana, the small red fruit, is packed with theophylline and theobromine that helps to stabilize the afternoon slump. Dark chocolate theobromine exalts mood, lowers stress hormone cortisol and improves brain activity and helps relax with its magnesium contribution.

Beverage Brilliance
Dehydration zaps energy. The air-conditioning may further reduce thirst. Coffee, tea and aerated beverages dwell on their stimulating effect to perk up energy. Restrict your intake to less than two cups of coffee, as it adversely affects bone health and sleep quality.

Downsize Your Dinner
Plan to have your pantry stocked with easy to assimilate and simple balanced dinners. You could use carryforwards that you’ve refrigerated from lunch.