Symptoms and Treatment of Celiac Disease

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The Celiac Child – Importance of Early Awareness

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“I was only 7 years old. I had just started exploring the world around me. I have always admired the nature and its offering. I knew nothing about the negative aspects of the life and was so happy with my parents and siblings. Then this happened when I was out to my favorite restaurant and on my way back started developing severe stomach ache. And the next day I was diagnosed with Severe Celiac Disease”. This is the story of Maryam and of many more livings around us”.

Celiac disease is a serious, genetic autoimmune disorder triggered by consuming a protein called Gluten. Yes, that’s right. Gluten is that tasty substance, which is found in wheat, barley, rye and other natural products too. Almost every mouthwatering dish be it cakes, puddings, breads, they are all made of wheat, barley, rye or its products.

When a celiac patient eats gluten, the protein substance interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food by damaging the small part of large intestine known as villi. This keeps the body away from the absorption of valuable nutrients into the bloodstream causing malnourishment and a host of problems such as cancer, thyroid disease, infertility and bone disorders.

One of 133 Indian people has celiac disease. It has a variety of symptoms meaning it is difficult to gain an accurate diagnosis. Many children are still living today with severe Celiac disease undiagnosed and unnoticed. To determine if a patient has celiac disease, a physician can screen by using a simple antibody blood test, sometimes combined with a genetic test. If a celiac diagnosis is still suspected, the doctor will likely perform a small intestinal biopsy for confirmation.

Symptoms and Treatment of Celiac Disease

The only current treatment for celiac disease is simple: a lifelong gluten-free diet. There are no medications or surgeries that can cure the autoimmune disease. Eating even tiny amounts of gluten can cause damage to the villi of the small intestine and prevent absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. Eliminating popular foods from the diet can seem overwhelming when a patient is first diagnosed, but with some extra effort in the kitchen, people with celiac disease can eat delicious food that tastes just as good as their gluten-containing counterparts.

Sambav, with its vision of child’s healthcare and safety believes in supporting people suffering from various autoimmune diseases and celiac disease is one of them. We thank all the major and minor food industries helping these kids by manufacturing Gluten-free food. Let us make a gluten-free environment for these children so that they can feel normal again.