Strokes of Swimming for a Healthy Body

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Strokes of Swimming for a Healthy Body

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All of them have distinctive muscle groups involved and assist in prompt conditioning.

To get the most out of the pool, it’s best to learn different (Freestyle / Backstroke / Butterfly / Breaststroke) swim styles.

Though the generalized benefits of swimming are many, there are specific strokes under broad heads of energy burning and muscle development or toning play a significant role.

There are 4 major strokes involved in swimming:

  • Freestyle
  • Back Stroke
  • Butterfly
  • Breast Stroke

It is also known as the crawl and generally involves a flutter alternate kick with slight bend of knees and forward alternate rotation of hands. It is the easiest stroke and involves a degree of coordination between the leg kick and hand movement. The breathing is tricky; turn the head only when the shoulder of the arm rises up the water and take the head back straight down for the opposite hand rotation while exhaling.

Back Stroke:
This is similar to freestyle and only done with your back on the side of the water and face staring at the sky. The force in each of the arm needs to be powerful enough otherwise the entire body may drift to one direction. Backstroke typically targets your arms involving shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms; as you drag the water with force to move ahead.

It involves a dolphin kick with both legs together and both hands together moving front pulling the water with force pushing it downward and bringing the hands back above the water. Every time your hands come above the water, your head should as well for proper breathing. This stroke extensively develops the upper body, especially the shoulders and emphasizes on core body muscles.

Strokes of Swimming for a Healthy Body

Breast Stroke:
In this stroke, the body bobs up and down the water with a heart shaped pull by the hands and a frog kind of a kick pushing the water backward. Every time the hands come up for another heart shaped pull, your head needs to come up for breathing.

Sambav encourages you to indulge in freestyle if you are a beginner and slowly try other forms for at least half an hour every day 6 days a week. Apart from these health benefits, swimming will also build skills such as discipline, sportsmanship, concentration and aid in the development of an optimistic attitude.