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Advantages of Online Personal Health Records

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Online Personal Health Records are informative, efficient and flexible just like the doctors they serve.  Online personal medical record is a collection of problem lists, prescribed medications and immunizations and also a remarkable account of the health care provided to another human being over a lifetime.

Sambav’s EHR system offers all the benefits of a typical EHR and is completely accessible anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of online personal health records are many. An ideal health record is a “paper chart” on the screen.

Better Information Access:

  • It provides accurate, complete and up-to-date information of the patient
  • Enables quick access to patient records efficiently
  • Secured sharing of patient information with other clinicians is possible
  • Doctors can work more effectively in diagnosing patients, reducing medical errors and
  • Improves patient interaction with all other healthcare professionals
  • A major part of the costs is reduced through decreasing paperwork
  • Improving safety, reducing duplication of work and improved health
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and other quality programs
  • Convenient recording of data

Health Tracker:

  • Enables patients and the doctors to track and monitor their health over a period
  • Relatives and friends can track the progress of their loved ones

The Sambav EHR system offers all the benefits of a typical EHR and is completely accessible anytime, anywhere. For example, as we keep our doctor’s clinic open during natural disasters like floods, or during power shutdown, in a windstorm and when there is snow, sleet or hail (just like the post office) and our paper records have never been inaccessible or unusable. Likewise, Sambav EHR is resistant to crashing and have an auxiliary backup to store new notes if glitches arise so as not to impact patient care negatively.

It is essential that rapidly growing technology benefits both patients and doctors, enriching our non-judgmental, empathetic, and long-term relationships.