Don’t Make Your Child See You Like That - Parental Arguments

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Don’t Make Your Child See You Like ‘THAT’ – Parental Arguments

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Arguing or fighting is very common among husband or wife. In fact, it brings them closer together as a couple and strengthen their bond. However, it is not a healthy habit for your child to see you arguing all the time.

Suicidal thoughts, depression, sleeping disorders, low self-esteem are some of the effects of parental fighting

Shouting, usage of angry or vulgar words, or staying silent by not speaking to each other for a period of time affects your child more than you might think.

Not only young children, but also teenagers, having an unhappy household with arguing parents all the time, undergo many medical conditions and social issues.

Don’t Make Your Child See You Like That - Parental Arguments

  • Often, older children are sandwiched between their parents, listening to both sides of their stories. They wouldn’t want to take sides or support only one parent, finding it complicated when they are forced/pushed to support one of them.
  • Younger children may feel angry or jealous looking at other happy parents, resulting them to be depressed about his/her own parents. They wouldn’t want to make friends or socialize, but at the same time, do not want to stay indoors listening to their arguments.

A child is found to be less depressed or find more peace, when their parents are divorced compared to when they were constantly fighting during their marriage period.

Here are a few ways to resolve your conflicts with your partner, without affecting your child:

  • Do not bring your child into your arguments and ask them to take sides
  • Do not overshare your conflicts with your child and put him/her in an uncomfortable situation
  • Avoid serious arguments in front of your child
  • Do not shout at your partner in front of a child, as it makes him/her intimidated and depressed
  • Wait till your child is out of the house or asleep to resolve your conflicts
  • Ensure your child that everything’s alright and pretend to be normal

Don’t Make Your Child See You Like That - Parental Arguments

Nevertheless, a healthy or occasional fight is accepted in front of your child, given the condition that the fight is resolved in no time, enabling your child to learn from you to move on despite an argument, and nurture the relationship more than a person’s ego.

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