How Do You Control Mood Swings

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How Do You Control Mood Swings?

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It is basic human nature to behave differently in different situations. When a person changes his/her mood abruptly and rapidly, it may be due to an underlying cause and should be treated appropriately. When a person’s feelings become excessive or extreme, causing a disturbance in their daily lives or people around them, find it difficult to deal with their mood swings, it is considered a serious issue.

Mood swings mostly occur to women during their menstrual cycle every month. Nevertheless, men too are prone to rapid mood swings for various other reasons.

A person might be suffering from a medical condition if they switch from extremely delighted to extremely depressed on a regular basis

Causes of Mood Swings:

  • Mental Health
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anxiousness
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Drugs/Medicines
  • Substance Uses
  • Lack of sleep

Some of the major types of mood swings are:
Bipolar Disorder: Extremely happy to extremely sad
Major Depressive Disorder: Extremely depressed for a long period of time. Also known as Clinical Depression.
Personality Disorder: Rapid changes in mood abruptly in a short interval, unpredictable behaviour.

How Do You Control Mood Swings

We might have come across several people who have unpredictable moods. One moment, they are polite and patient, the next moment, they become aggressive or irritable. It gets really difficult to get along with such rapid changes in mood.

How to control mood swings?

  • Have a regular sleep cycle for minimum 8 hours
  • Avoid stress
  • Practice yoga or exercise regularly
  • Keep yourself relaxed and maintain inner peace
  • Keep out the negativity from your daily life away
  • If you are in an irritable mood, avoid speaking to anyone or speak what is necessary as you may hurt others feelings

Consult a doctor and speak out your feelings by expressing your situation in different scenarios. Your doctor may help you out in treating your mood swings. Mood swings can alter your behaviour and negatively impact your life or those around you.

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