Summer Vacation Safety Tips for Kids

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Summer Vacation Safety Tips for Kids

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Longer days, lighter nights and lesser worries. Yes, it’s summer. And before your children want to race out of the house, you’re doing all you can to protect them from the sun, insect bites, and head injuries.

Every parent must learn ways to keep their kids safe and healthy while they enjoy the summer fun.

Summer is always the time to provide the best possible activities for the children, kids enjoy the variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Therefore, parents will have to be aware of some safety tips to protect their kids and keep them away from being harmed. Every parent must learn ways to keep their kids safe and healthy while they enjoy the summer fun.

Safety while swimming:

  • The most important thing for the parents to learn is pool safety. We always must monitor our kids when in or around water. Also, it is equally important to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save kids life during an emergency.
  • Let them know the demerits of being on the cell phone while in water. And parents should also keep themselves away from cell phones as this is very distracting.

Protect your kids from sun and heat:

  • Beware of the weather. There are a lot of heat-related illnesses that may affect you when the body is exposed to the sun. Infants and children of age up to 4 years of age are at highest risk.
  • To keep your child healthy and safe schedule outdoor activities carefully during morning and evening hours.
  • Give them proper clothing that covers the child’s skin that helps protect against UV rays.
  • Do not let them have any liquids immediately after being exposed to sun or heat even if they are thirsty.

Protect your kids from mosquitoes and bugs:

  • Each year emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children every day due to mosquito bites and diseases. Parents should not neglect this aspect as children are unaware of the risk involved.
  • Always keep proper insect repellents while playing outside especially during evening hours.
  • Try to keep your backyard and surrounding areas clean of ticks as they grow in warm, moist, woody areas. And ideally, every kid should wear lighter long sleeve clothes to cover their skin.

Summer Vacation Safety Tips for Kids

Natural causes of illness:

  • Parents are advised to recognize the poisonous plants in their surroundings so that they can protect their kids from getting affected.
  • Poisonous plants grow as a vine in the grass and shrubs. If your child meets one of these plants, then you have a window of 10 minutes to clean away the rash-causing oil. But if the rash involves the eyes or covers a more significant portion of your body then contact the pediatrician.

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