Yoga Or Gym - Which One's Better

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Yoga Or Gym – Which One’s Better?

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21st of June has arrived, and International Yoga Day is celebrated. So, what is yoga? Is it just some asanas and unique difficult postures in unimaginable angles? Or just some meditation? Yoga is much more than what it seems to be. Let’s look into the meaning of yoga first. Yoga’s definition in its true form comes from the Sanskrit language, meaning ‘union’. It is the union of the individual with his soul, mind, body and divine consciousness.

Yoga has no side effects and it is safer than gym, though time taking to lose weight, has many benefits compared to gym.

If you are planning to lose weight, yoga might be more time taking and is a slower process when compared to gym. Gym is more specifically for strengthening muscles and boosting cardio while improving on your health condition. Working out in a gym has side effects like injuring yourself sometimes, fast pumping of heart, body pains, strained muscles,etc.

The advantages of yoga are you can have a flexible body, improved breathing, balanced metabolism, body toning, increased concentration levels, body and mind presence, weight loss, reduces stress, no injuries, prevents diseases, perfects your posture, increases blood flow and many more.

Yoga Or Gym - Which One's Better

Therefore, it is recommended to practice yoga than working out in a gym by many individuals. Gym is a short route for weight loss. If you are looking for faster weight loss, you may want to hit the gym first followed by yoga. Yoga also makes you feel younger in looks and more natural.

The most common and popular types of yoga are:

Hatha Yoga – It consists of stretches and breathing exercises allowing you to concentrate on your breathing and maintain postures.

Kundalini Yoga – It combines poses and breathing with a little more intensity which is both spiritual and mental activity along with physical activity.

Ashtanga Yoga – It is a challenging and advanced form of yoga consisting of 6 different sequences.

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