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Why Walking is a Good Exercise?

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Walking helps in reducing weight, controls blood pressure, keep diabetes in control (During exercise glucose burns in  anaerobic process for which insulin is not required thus keeps blood sugars under check), reduces risk of heart attacks by increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol), reduces stress, keeps mentally active and fights against depression. These are only few benefits against endless benefits I am mentioning.

When compare with jogging or running walking has very less strain on the knees, thus encouraging heavy weight people also to easily perform it. Walking on plane surface in open areas is more advantageous than doing the same on a treadmill (Non mechanised treadmills should be completely avoided as they are associated with increased knee problems)

Walking is the simplest form of exercise which can be performed by any age, sex and at any place in any form of costumes. It does not require any investment or special equipment. When counted against the gym exercise – investment – Benefit,- There is nothing which can match with walking.

It is recommended to walk at least 7500 to 10000 steps (5 to 6 Km) per day. To have the maximum benefit of walking, it is recommended to walk with a speed of 5 to 6 Km / Hour. For the people who cannot spend 45 min to 60 min continuously in a day can split it into several small portions in a day and achieve the target.  (This splitting is not possible in any other form of exercise as it may require special dress, equipment or place). This makes walking the best form of exercise.