Amazing Fat Burning Foods

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Melt That Flab With These Amazing Fat Burning Foods

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Losing weight is the most common need of many people make but very few manage to achieve. You are what you eat! When your food intake complements your exercise routine, the results are best. Shift focus from fad diets to foods that melt away fat.

To eat is a Necessity, but to eat Intelligently is an Art

Fight fat with the following foods

Spice It Up
Stoke the metabolic fire through the thermogenic effect of the wonder spices. Curcumin (of turmeric), cardamom, cloves and cinnamon regulate blood sugars and reduce fat storing hormone – insulin. Capsaicin found in chilly peppers, sulphur containing allicin found in garlic helps reduce cholesterol, lowers LDL and flushes out body fat.

Plant Power
Nuts and seeds are nutritional arsenals against disease. The satiating power of peanuts can be attributed to its good fats, protein and fibre. Selenium found in walnuts and cashews helps to maintain metabolism by fueling thyroid hormone. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds offer oomph with omega-3. Lignans, essential fatty acids and protein of sesame seeds enhance liver enzymes to burn fat.  Legumes are the best plant protein source.

Do Dairy
Whey of skimmed or low fat milk contains leucine, a muscle building amino acid that fires fat loss. It also charges up satiety hormones and helps maintain lean mass. Add probiotics to your diet to prevent your body from absorbing fats.

Go Lean
Fuel muscles with lean protein that is mean to fat, as it rips off 30 percent of calories just for its digestion, causing ripples of thermic effect that favors fat fall. Eggs promote thermogenesis, chicken breast is anti-catabolic and its zinc decreases appetite and PMS induced cravings.

Amazing Fat Burning Foods

Opt For Oily Fish
Fatty fish contain omega 3 acids that enhance fat burning enzymes and improve insulin insensitivity.

Freshen Up
Lower BMI with fresh fruits and veggies high in vitamin C. Grapefruit with the white layer, pectin in apples, oranges and peaches, avocados, asparagus breaks down fat.

Grain Gain
The slow digesting carbs in grains make the body evaporate double-fold calories as it breaks down the fibre from the whole grains. Quinoa, millets, oats and brown rice are rich in soluble fibre that favours toning down.

Shrink With A Drink
Green tea has catechin which revs up the fat burning engine and blasts belly fat. Flavonoids present in green tea fight inflammation too. Or you could simply prefer plain water.

Sambav urges you to balance your food intake with physical activity. Take up exercises that promise long term and permanent solutions to weight problems. Lose your weight by moving more, melting flab and becoming fab!