De-Clutter your Life - Make new beginnings

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De-Clutter Your Life – Make New Beginnings

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Whenever we visit an exotic resort, we feel wonderful. The same appreciation goes for any beautiful place that we visit, be it a beautiful home, a village, a city or even a country. But what exactly makes things beautiful and appealing to us? Whenever we express beauty what we really mean is that the place is very neat, clean and organized.

The more you clear unpleasant thoughts, the better you will feel about yourself. You will also experience clarity and creativity in your ideas.

People appreciate the West so much because there is no visible clutter around. Everything is in place, clean and clear. And this is mostly because, the clutter on the roads are cleared and the country is organized effectively. There are set processes for garbage separation/collection and disposal. Starting from the houses, the streets and to the garbage dumps the same procedure is followed keeping the concept of recycling in mind.

Whenever clutter is cleared, you feel good from within and this is natural when you remove unwanted things. You experience the same feeling when you clear the inward clutter as well. Clearing the clutter inside you, happens at many levels – right from eating the correct food to exercising regularly. These factors count in feeling good about yourself inwardly.

Eating the right food helps you keep your digestive system in check and this will enable you to eliminate harmful toxins from the body effectively. Also, exercising will help you stay healthy throughout this process of cleansing. Therefore, clearing the clutter inwards leads to cleanliness outwards. Doing the right exercises actually clean the clutter at the panic level of the body.

Clearing the mind comes next and this is extremely important. Having ill thoughts, judgments, complaints etc…, will definitely not help to be cleansed. The more you clear unpleasant thoughts, the better you will feel about yourself. You will also experience clarity and creativity in your ideas. By changing limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, you will feel good from within.

De-Clutter your Life - Make new beginnings

Inner clearing needs to be done daily and needs to continuously flow as it requires a lot of awareness to clear belief systems. At all times, life is about clearing the clutter within your thoughts and belief systems. A person’s consciousness is automatically cleared and purified by continuous inward cleaning and soon one finds this inner purity radiating outward to all areas of life.

Start clearing the clutter in your home, office, society and everywhere around you. And start by identifying those objects which you don’t require and give them to those who need it. It can be food items, utensils, clothes, shoes, books and so on. Take out everything which you don’t need and pass it on to orphanages and to people in the streets and you will soon experience outer peace by clearing the clutter. You will also suddenly start feeling lighter in your heart and mind as well.

Sambav urges you to work on your inner self continuously and effortlessly to clear your thoughts and limit beliefs the good feeling you experience can be extended for hours, days, weeks, months and years together.