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Make Smile Your New Year Resolution

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Sameer was a hot-headed, an extremely short-tempered guy, anything and everything could make him angry. So, this year his new year resolution was that ‘I am going to smile often and NOT get angry’.

By the way, this was a dare given by his intelligent wife Neha who did not know of any other way of getting this done. Sameer was ready for work on Jan 2nd 2018, his regular routine included dropping his two little munchkins Sara and Aman to school on his way to his office.

He thanked his lovely wife for teaching him the valuable lesson, the power of a smile.

They were late again, you know how kids are when it comes to getting ready for school; now they dreaded an encounter with their dad. But, to their surprise he looked at them and smiled, they could not really believe what they just saw, they were dumb struck and kept wondering what made their dad smile which was contrary to the routine, nevertheless they just loved it and discussed about it at the lunch break at school.

They decided to make a ‘Thank You’ card for their dad as a token of love and gratitude. On the other hand, Sameer felt good when he got smiles in return from his kids and then his colleagues and all the other people he met throughout the day.

That evening the kids were ready with their card and as soon as Sameer was home they jumped up to him and gave him the card, that was a moment to cherish. It got tears in his eyes, he couldn’t help giving them a tight hug and thanking them back for the wonderful gesture with a huge smile. He then thanked his lovely wife for teaching him this valuable lesson, the power of a smile.

Sometimes, people get too occupied with their routine life that they forget about these little gestures that are more valuable than the materialistic things in fact, they are priceless.

So always remember, Smile more often.